Frequently Asked Questions

Selling FAQ's

What type of dresses can I list on Cindabella?

You can list any type of formal dress on Cindabella.  It can be second hand, new with a tag or new without a tag.  Here's a list of dresses we accept in our Marketplace:

  • • Ball Dresses
  • • Bridesmaid Dresses
  • • Celeb Style Dresses
  • • Cocktail Dresses
  • • Debutante Dresses
  • • Designer Dresses
  • • Evening Dresses
  • • Flower Girl Dresses
  • • Pageant Dresses
  • • Mother of the Bride Dresses
  • • Party Dresses
  • • Plus Size Dresses
  • • School Formal Dresses
  • • Special Occasion Dresses
  • • Vintage Dresses
  • & Wedding Dresses

How many dresses can I list on Cindabella?

If you're not a business, you are welcome to sell as many formal dress as you like on Cindabella. 

How much does it cost to sell my dresses on Cindabella?

It's free to list your dresses, we do not take any fee's or commissions. You can however pay for an upgrade to your listing with a featured or plus listing to make your listing more visible. 

What happens when someone contacts me to buy my dress on Cindabella?

All enquires go direct to you, we do not see any of the enquires or we do not vet any of the enquires.  It's totally up to you who you wish to deal with.  Cindabella will not be liable for any action you chose to take.

Is there anyone I shouldn't sell too?

You should always be careful with who you deal with. Here's a list of alarm bells; if anyone starts discussing Paypal or Money Gram accounts, agents, appears to not comprehend the English language, does not list their phone number or has an email address that doesn't relate to their name, please ignore them.

Over the past year we have been made aware of the following scammers.

Katherine -
Garrison Nelson -
Ed -
Sarah Rockwell-
Lauren -
Ken -
Katherine Moore -
Howell Wanda -

Please do not reply to any of the above we consider them to be scammers on Cindabella and have emailed 'Cease and Desist orders.


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